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We are Revolutionizing Healthcare

for Women

Women are the primary consumers of healthcare. Although, too often your concerns are written off as normal, unimportant or expected discomforts of being a woman, a mother, a grandmother...


Women have unique needs and we offer a new approach with additional tools to find solutions. We address the underlying issues of both your over-looked symptoms as well as the health problems that are keeping you from being your best.


Be proactive and create your future health with our

Functional Medicine Membership and specialized Programs.

Let's get started!

The Centre of Health

and Functional Medicine

for Women

Our comprehensive wellness care addresses your concerns through a therapeutic partnership where we work together to co-create your health.

common concerns

I have heavy, irregular periods and PMS but I don't want to take hormone pills.

I am frustrated by not seeing long-lasting results with weight loss or improving my fitness. 

I regularly feel stressed, tired, cold and often constipated. But my doctor says my lab results are all normal.

Does menopause have to be this uncomfortable? 

My body after childbirth isn't the same. I leak urine, have a bulging belly and sex is painful. I want to be active again.

Back pain and inflammation are frequent for me. I just can't seem to find a solution that lasts.

I have bloating and abdominal discomfort after eating. Could I have a food sensitivity?

I have been diagnosed with _______. I'm looking for another way to treat or resolve my condition. 

Our Services

for Women

We offer a unique approach to treat the following:









Resistant weight loss


Premenstrual Syndrome


Adrenal Insufficiency

Chrone's Disease

Core Dysfunction



Irritable Bowel


Rectus Diastasis

Stress Management


Back Pain





Muscle pain/weakness



Stress Incontinence

Sleep Problems

Toxins and more...

You are not a Diagnosis. You can feel good again.  
Find your Health Freedom with The Centre of Health

Want to know if you would benefit from our medical services?

At the Centre of Health, our medical providers focus on the factors that create life-long health. We use evidence-based medicine practices that are well-known to have a greater long-term impact to heal disease and improve overall health. 
We use

Comprehensive Evaluation

Our thorough Health Review investigates your health status in-depth

Adjustable Follow-ups

We reassess your health as often as you need to adjust our plan and track progress

Wellness Coaching

Learn success from Health Coaches and Providers who live what they teach

Prescription Medication

We educate about and use prescription-strength medications when necessary

Natural Remedies

We offer judicious use of medical-quality, natural herbs and minerals to heal and restore balance

Custom Nutrition

Find the specific foods to support health, heal your body and prevent illness

Fitness Plans

Focusing on core strength and balance we help you build a more resilient body

Community Support

Join our members online and at events to help build a healthier community  

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