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Whether you're ready to join us or just want to know more,

follow these steps to help determine which of our services fit you best.

Click on each step to learn more.

Step #1

Get your Symptom Score

Step #2

Take a Core Check Quiz

Step #3

Schedule a Free Consult

Move toward health one step at a time. 

Step 1
Step #1

Get your Symptom Score

Your Symptom Score is a free assessment of your current health status provided by the Living Matrix. We will email you the results, no obligation.

At The Centre of Health, we use Living Matrix to collect your history for the Individual Health Review. Here, you'll get a chance to try it out first.

To access Living Matrix you must use either your desktop or laptop computer. Phones and tablets are not compatible.  

Only Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are supported browsers.

Step 2
Step #2

Take a Core Check Quiz

A Core Check is a short quiz to help you assess if you have symptoms of Core Dysfunction. Core Dysfunction is a common underlying problem in men and women that puts you at risk for back or other injury. 




Our Core System Specialist offers customization of these online programs through core-muscle ultrasound assessments, as well as referrals to specialists if needed.

These services are available to both members and non-members. 

Gender differences on quizzes relate to reproductive systems. Please answer accordingly.

Step 3
Step #3

Schedule a Free-15min Consult

After you complete your Symptom Score and Core Check we will email you the link to our appointment scheduler. Discuss your specific medical concerns with a medical provider for Free, with an in-person or virtual consultation. Get to know us, before you join us!

Our goal is to positively impact the health of each person we come in contact with whether they become our patient or not. We have tons of ideas to share with you.

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