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Creating health is a process that includes
healing illness and incorporating healthy lifestyle choices.

At The Centre of Health we provide our medical services through memberships and programs. 

You get the education, support and time to get the best results.

Movement and Exercise
Sleep and Relaxation
Stress Management
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We build our services to fit our community.


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We create wellness through treating the underlying causes of chronic disease and using a whole approach to treat illness and help prevent future disease or injury. 

Some services that are unique to The Centre of Health



The most comprehensive look at your health history, current symptoms and risks of future illness or injury during our initial two visits.

You Are Unique!

Health Coaching

We start wherever you are at and help you implement recommendations with specific daily steps to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle.



Help from a Friend!


In-depth testing not offered by your regular doctor. Test to check genetics,

the microbiome,

food sensitivities, 

nutritional deficiencies,

hormone analysis,

core muscle function

and more.

Knowledge is Power!