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  • Heather H. Christensen, PA-C

3 Stress-Less Snacks for Summer

Summer snacks in my life require 3 important things - quick, fresh and filling. During summer my family and I are on-the-go. We need foods that we can grab and take with us wherever we are heading. Here are three of my favorites to satisfy, strengthen and restore energy during a busy summer week. Stress less, play more!

Avocado and Oranges - Grab a spoon, a knife and some sea salt (if you want) and your snack is done! You can't get quicker than this! Instructions - cut oranges in slices, cut avocado in half, remove the pit, add a little salt... already got your spoon? - enjoy!

Bell Peppers and Hummus - Make your food as colorful as your day - and these bell peppers are the way to do it! Slice the bell pepper in half from the bottom to the top. Discard the center and the seeds. Slice into lengthwise strips. Today we bought fresh hummus made at our local Market which contains, chickpeas, garlic, tahini sauce, salt, and olive oil --blended into a nice dip.

Apples and Fresh Almond Butter - Slice and de-core the apples then dip in fresh almond butter --also a recent favorite in my house. We buy this also at the Market as they have a nut butter machine that grinds up the almonds while you watch. Really the most delicious almond butter ever. Store it in the fridge so it doesn't separate.

Fruit is really the easiest thing to grab and go - but adding in a delicious protein or healthy fat helps make your fruit more healthy and satisfying. Pick one of these to try today. Each one is fast (less than 2 minutes to prepare) stores well, and easy to take along.

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