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  • Heather H. Christensen, PA-C

Our Approach: Why we're different

Are you ready for better medicine in 2017? The Centre of Health is creating a new healthcare experience for its members. We believe that our patients should be at the center of everything we do. Dr. Ralph Snyderman from Duke University describes an ideal patient-centered approach to medicine as Personalized, Predictive, Preventative and Participatory. Our entire approach to your health is different because we follow these four P's. Here's how.

1. PERSONALIZED medicine is the healthcare model of the future. Why? Because even though two people may have high blood pressure - the source of this symptom may be something completely different. Instead of just treating the blood pressure, we look at the individual's genetics, lifestyle and life experiences to identify the dysfunction that is causing high blood pressure, help them fix the source --and guess what? More than just their blood pressure improves! When we approach an individual as a unique human being and teach them how to regain optimal function of all the systems (not just the circulatory system) - the whole person heals.

2. PREDICTIVE medicine uses early testing, advanced diagnostics and forward-thinking providers who are looking for trends in your results not just at numbers and ranges. Predictive health isn't just about testing, it's about providers who LISTEN to your story. Our founder Heather Christensen says "We cannot predict the future if we do not understand the past." Though we're not fortune tellers, getting a glimpse of what the next 10 or 30 years may hold if we continue in our current habits, can mean BIG motivation to change. The earlier we can see the trends - the more likely we are to help you avoid illness and injury that can be potentially devastating. Wouldn't you tell a friend if a disaster was brewing? What we believe in... is that everyone has the power to change for the better.

3. PREVENTATIVE medicine should be the goal --right? Do you have a doctor that is working to keep you out of their office, or keep you coming back? So much of medicine today is searching for better ways to treat pain, prolong life and manage symptoms. We don't want you to get into pain. We would much rather identify early symptoms of core dysfunction and help you correct it, than try to manage your chronic back pain with medications? injections? surgeries? no thanks. Medical research and technology has opened doors to providers giving them tools to catch illness and dysfunction before they reveal their detrimental effects. The key to prevention lies in your hands. That wellness exam that you keep putting off? If you aren't doing something FOR your health, you may already be LOSING IT! Don't wait!

4. PARTICIPATORY medicine is where the patient becomes accountable for his own health choices, instead of relying on the doctor to manage his care. At The Centre of Health we become your scientist-guide to teach, support and counsel with you about your health concerns. In the end, we want you to become your own "best doctor." We want you to be able to make informed health choices. And, we want you to feel empowered to help your children and family members make smart health choices as well. Imagine a community of individuals and families learning together and supporting one another to create better health!

The #newmedicine is #bettermedicine @thecentrehealth join us for a Personalized, Predictive, Preventative and Participatory life-changing experience to transform your health in 2017. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay current on all our latest news.

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