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We find that men are concerned about health and interested in finding long-term solutions as well as preventative care to live healthier. 


However, men often put off seeking medical care until a more convenient time. We address the underlying issues of both your over-looked symptoms as well as the health problems that are keeping you from being your best so that you don't become inconvenienced by illness or injury.


Be proactive and create your future health with our

Functional Medicine Membership and specialized Programs.

Begin Today! 

We work with men to become proactive about health

The Centre of Health

and Functional Medicine

for Men

Our medical membership gives you one-year of personalized assessments and coaching to help you restore strength and vitality. We teach you how to prevent future injury or illness, so you can spend more time out of your doctors office doing what you enjoy. 

If your doctor has told you to:

  • lose weight
  • reduce stress
  • change your diet
  • exercise more
  • get surgery
  • strengthen your core
  • take a medication for life
  • not worry, all your labs are normal
  • believe that it's an expected part of getting older...
But your instinct is telling you to look for another option. 
We may have a solution that puts you in charge of creating wellness, instead of depending on long-term medications or unnecessary surgery to manage your symptoms or risks. 
At The Centre of Health we offer you an evidenced-based, 
personalized look at your health
We tailor a wellness plan that builds off of what you already
know and are doing to stay healthy.

Our Services

for Men

We offer a unique approach to treat the following:






Fungal Infections


Low Testosterone



Resistant weight loss


Athletic performance

Chrone's Disease

Core Dysfunction

High Cholesterol



Irritable Bowel

Recurring Back Pain

Stress Management




Gaining weight

Hair Loss


Muscle pain/weakness



Sleep Problems

Thyroid Disorders

and more...

You're not getting any younger
but you can feel young again with the right advice.

Want to know if you would benefit from our medical services?

At the Centre of Health, our medical providers focus on the factors that create life-long health. We use evidence-based medicine practices that are well-known to have a greater long-term impact to heal disease and improve overall health. 
We use

Thorough Evaluation

Our comprehensive Health Review investigates your health status in-depth

Adjustable Follow-ups

We reassess your health as often as you need to adjust our plan and track progress

Behavior Coaching

Learn success from Health Coaches and Providers who live what they coach

Prescription Medication

We educate about and use prescription-strength medications when necessary

Natural Remedies

We offer judicious use of medical-quality, natural herbs and minerals to heal and restore balance

Custom Nutrition

Find the specific foods to support, heal and prevent illness specific for you

Fitness Plans

Focusing on alignment and core strength we help you build a more resilient body

Community Support

Join our members online and at events to help build a healthier community  

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