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The Centre of Health

and Functional Medicine

Meet your new favorite medical providers

Why will we become your favorite?

Each person deserves a medical provider who listens first.

We believe that you are the expert on your own health - because you know yourself best.

Our job is to inform you, teach you and guide you using the latest research, our own clinical expertise and your unique personal situation and preferences.

A doctor who relies on research alone to direct your care will have difficulty finding the solutions that will work specifically for you --because you are unique. No scientific study can fully account for all the variability that exists within a human being. 

You deserve to have a medical provider that can individualize care for you. We help you to "live your own experiment" to discover what true health means for you.

Our Providers
Heather H. Christensen, PA-C, CSS

Physician Assistant, Core System Specialist and

Founder of The Centre of Health

Learn more about Heather at 

Linda S. Goggin, MD

Physician, Founder Feel Good

Functional MedicinBellingham

Learn more about Linda at 

Heather is not currently accepting patients. You can email hello@thecentrehealth for questions.
Dr. Goggin is accepting new patients who can be seen at Feel Good FM in her Bellingham, WA office. 
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