Healthier Together, Everyday.

Healthy habits are made in the home.

Are you ready to help your family become

healthier every day?

Our family-centered medical clinic is different from your primary care provider because we offer comprehensive evaluations with in-depth testing, personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans with health coaching to help each member of your family achieve their best health. 
We treat complex chronic illness and work proactively to help you prevent future illness or injury with our memberships and programs. 
You become the expert on your own health. You'll waste less time and money being ill or injured.

Better Medicine. Better Health.

Are you tired of being told that medications or surgery are your only options?
Do you believe there must be a better way?

The body was designed to restore health in every cell,

when it has the right ingredients.

Let us show you how.


Can The Centre of Health 

help you find answers to

your health questions?

We are not an ordinary medical clinic

We are reinventing healthcare to focus on your needs. 

Helping you get healthy and stay healthy.


In our Functional Medicine membership you will 


Spend 90 minutes

on your first visit, just so we can

get to know you.

Get advanced testing to determine the cause of what's ailing you.

Uncover the underlying problems to truly heal or prevent illness and injury.

Gain the skills to take control of your own health. We'll teach you how.

Learn more about 

what makes us different.


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Prevent Injury. Don't Wait.

Your work, your play, your health all depend on your body's ability to function properly. 
Those bothersome symptoms are not simply signs
that you are getting older.


We use specialized testing to help you identify risks, and correct them early to help you avoid illness or injury.

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July 1, 2017

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